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How Work-From-Home Entrepreneurs Can Improve Mobility w/ Dr. Benjamin Torres, DPT

August 15, 2022

Today we have a special guest, and it's not just because of his knowledge in functional health and mobility!

Dr. Ben Torres is a good friend of Detective Ev's, and in a sense, he's one of the main reasons Ev is even a podcaster! More importantly, he is a doctor of Physical Therapy who greatly appreciates what we do at FDN, and has run the labs himself for his own health challenges.

On this episode, we'll briefly touch on some of the health challenges Dr. Torres has went through, and then we'll spend the rest of the time focusing on tips and tricks those of us who work from home can do to make sure we are covering mobility in our health plan. 

About Ben:

Ben Torres is a doctor of Physical Therapy, owner of 180 Body at Home Rehab, and creator of the Online Doctor’s Academy, a program where he helps other health care practitioners learn how to get their business successfully online!

Where to find Ben:


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