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Collegiate Athlete Stopped In His Tracks Due To Mystery Symptoms w/ Ryan Mihalkovitz

August 5, 2022

Ryan Mihalkovitz is a former collegiate baseball player who had his life turned around when he started dealing with mystery symptoms. Having never really felt bad for most of his life, he was confused when the symptoms first started presenting. 

Inititally, it was easy enough to brush things off, but the symptoms continued to worsen overtime. Before he knew it, Ryan found himself debiliated, unable to show up for the things he once loved and enjoyed.

Thankfully, due to a mix of determination, regular study, and a bit of luck, Ryan was FINALLY able to get to the root of his problems after years of being sick. Eventually, he ended up taking the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition course in order to refine his health and help others in the way he had been helped.

Ryan is a one of a kind guy. You'll be able to tell from listening or watching how genuinely interested this man is in helping others. We are lucky to have him as a part of our tribe!

Where you can find Ryan:

Instagram: healing_simplified


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