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Fluoride IS Dangerous, And We Can Prove It w/ Gabriela Couto (Formal Dental Hygienist)

July 28, 2022

Added fluoride is one of those topics in the world of natural/functional health which causes a LOT of confusion, often without evidence to back it up. Many people in our space are quick to purchase the toothpastes that label themselves as "fluoride free," but how many can explain what the benefit is? Have they read the studies themselves?

In this episode, Detective Ev is talking to Gabriela Couto, a former dental hygienist who swapped careers after some shocking finds in the world of dental care. While pursuing a master's degree, she saw clear evidence that fluoride was in fact harmful to people, and that we rarely (if ever) dosed fluoride correctly. Despite this evidence, she found herself shot down by the professors she worked with. 

It's one thing to shoot down an unfounded conspiracy theory, that makes sense. But shooting down evidence for no real reason other than "Because we said so?" That's definitely enough to raise an eyebrow!

During the interview, Gabriela shares with us her experience in the world of dental care, the shocking FACTS she discovered while pursuing her master's degree, as well as tips and tricks we can apply immediately to help us have great oral health naturally!

Resources Gabriela Provided Us With:

Weston A, Price


Fluoride Alert – has more research and info 


Wellnesse Toothpaste


Boka toothpaste


Electric Toothbrush – save 20%

About Gabriela:

Gabriela Couto is yoga instructor, mindset/NLP Coach, and a former dental hygienist. While pursuing her master’s degree, she decided she would spend time researching and writing papers on the effects of fluoride. Despite finding clear evidence that it was harmful to the body, she was surprised to find her professors were quite dismissive of the studies she referenced.To be clear, it wasn’t the quality of the data they were disputing, it was somewhat arbitrary things like “Well, the study wasn’t done in the USA.”

Despite having other passions and taking a separate career path away from dental care, Gabriela is still VERY knowledgeable when it comes to all things fluoride. She chooses to share the facts about this harmful chemical so people can make informed decisions as to what they put into their body.

Where to find Gabriela:

Instagram: yogabriela.c

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